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Welcome to SkinTruth

We are proven in the service we deliver, so you can trust us and feel 100% confident. Please browse through the treatments we offer and book a consultation.

Skin Truth is a skincare and aesthetics clinic for advanced skin solutions specialising in skin revision, skin concerns and anti-ageing. We assist our client’s need to medically prolong the aging process and preserve their current appearance, further assisting clients with resolving skin related concerns.


What you can expect during a consultation?

Schedule your appointment

You can book your appointment in 3 ways online booking form, call us, or send us an email.

Our patient intake form

You will be asked to fill out a patient intake form to ensure we are informed of any allergies you may have. This form is also necessary to ensure we are aware of your treatment history and any lifestyle factors that may affect your Treatment Plan.

Address Your Skin concerns

Once your information has been analyzed, your Skin Truth Technician will discuss with you your main areas of concern and what you aim to get out of your experience.

One-on-one skin consultation

Your skin will then be physically examined to further assist your skin truth Technician in prescribing a Treatment Plan.

Establish treatment plan

Using the information gathered, your Skin truth Technician will suggest a course of Treatments as well as a list of Home Prescriptive for you to use ongoing.

Start your journey

Once you're happy with the prescribed plan then you're ready to start your journey.

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