Texture, tone and tightening

Micro Needling

Micro-needling is your go-to treatment for instantly firmer, smoother skin! Known for its incredible ability to stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin, micro-needling delivers real results in overall skin rejuvenation. 

Intimate Peels 

If skin discolouration on the intimate parts of your body is of concern to you, we have a quick and effective solution. The intimate peel at Skin Truth has been designed to help improve pigmentation, as well as rejuvenate and brighten the skin on the delicate genital and anal regions. Whether the changes to the skin on these areas have occurred due to hormonal factors, ageing or for any other reason, the Intimate Peel can be the perfect solution.

Suitable for both men and women, this anal/vaginal bleaching treatment helps to improve hyper-pigmentation around your vagina or groin area, as well as around the anus. The Intimate Peel will be carried out by our discreet and professional expert medical team, ensuring your comfort and privacy at all times. Each intimate peel treatment takes approximately 30 minutes to perform and doesn’t require any post-treatment downtime. The products that are applied are packed with proven active ingredients that will lighten the skin on your intimate areas.

Usually, a course of 4 treatments would be recommended of anal/vaginal bleaching, spaced between 1 – 2 weeks apart, along with some homecare products that are to be used according to your Aesthetician advice. Your Aesthetician will discuss your own bespoke intimate peel treatment plan with you, establishing the best course of action to achieve the optimum results. All treatments are tailored to the individual and personal experiences and results may vary. We recommend a one to one consultation with our Aesthetician to discuss your treatment options.

The intimate peel effectively treats hyperpigmentation on the private body parts of both men and women. It can be used from the pubic area around to the anal area on women and from the groin to the anal area on men. As well as improving pigmentation, the Intimate Peel also works to rejuvenate and brighten the skin similar to the results of a facial skin peel.

X Wave for cellulite and stretch marks

What is the BTL X-Wave?
BTL X-Wave is a type of shockwave therapy or acoustic wave therapy treatment. During treatment, acoustic waves are delivered into the body, creating vibrations in the soft tissues. The acoustic waves are powerful, non-focused pulses of sound that are directed at specific areas of skin or tissue. This can result in improved skin smoothness, elasticity, texture, and tightening.
How Does X-Wave Work?
The X-Wave treatment works by breaking down fat under the skin. The device stimulates lymphatic drainage to remove excess fat materials and toxins from the body. It also aids in collagen production for skin that appears smoother, healthier, and more youthful. The vibrations from the X-Wave cellulite treatment physically break down fat by activating fat cells which cause them to become more permeable. Lipids are then able to leave the body more easily through the lymphatic system. Sound waves from the cellulite reduction treatments also offer other benefits. The sound waves boost blood flow and circulation to the area of skin being treated. This encourages new blood vessels to develop which bring more oxygen and nutrients to the area to repair skin and tissues. As the sound waves also stimulate the lymphatic system, the body is better able to transport waste, fat, and trapped fluid for better health. An increase in fibroblast material results in increased collagen for smoother skin.
What are the Advantages?
  • Breaks down fatty deposits and cellulite
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Smooths and rejuvenates skin
  • Tightens skin and underlying connective tissues
  • Reduces circumference of treated area
  • Increases the firmness of skin
How Many Treatments Are Needed?
The number of treatments needed ultimately depends on the patient and the area of the body being treated. On average, cellulite treatment at Skin Truth requires 6-8 sessions.
How Soon Can I See Results?
Most people will begin to see a visible improvement in their skin’s texture after just four treatments. However, the full results will not be seen until after you’ve complete your customized treatment. Skin will gradually improve over the following two to three months after treatment as collagen production and circulation improves.


Carboxytherapy refers to the cutaneous and subcutaneous administration of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) for therapeutic purposes. Carboxytherapy originated at the Medical Spa of Royat, France in 1932 with the treatment of patients afflicted by peripheral arterial occlusive disease.

Vampire facial (PRP)

Although blood is mainly a liquid (called plasma), it also contains small solid components (red cells, white cells, and platelets.) The platelets are best known for their importance in clotting blood. However, platelets also contain hundreds of proteins called growth factors which are very important in the healing of injuries. 


Mesotherapy is your go-to treatment for instantly firmer, smoother skin! Known for its incredible ability to stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin, micro-needling delivers real results in overall skin rejuvenation.

Skin Lesions

What are skin lesions?
Skin lesions are any abnormal lumps, growths or patches that look physically different from the surrounding skin. Most lesions are harmless (benign), some can often cause irritation such as scratching and may eventuate to bleeding, which may require cosmetic removal.
So the solution? Cosmetic Benign Lesions and Mole Removal.

What does Cosmetic Benign Lesion and Mole Removal do?
Cosmetic Benign Lesion and Mole Removal is a medical procedure to remove benign skin lesions or moles from the body, leaving you practically scarless. With the use of advanced medical technology, they can be removed without cutting or penetrating the skin, which would have been the traditional approach that could also involve stitches. Why should you consider removing lesions and moles. There are usually two main reasons as to why people remove lesions and moles. The first is irritation and the second reason is its appearance

Many people choose to have their skin lesions or moles removed due to other inconveniences. Sometimes, moles can experience a general irritation on the surface or the more prominent moles or protruding lesions can get scratched, hooked on clothing, such as a bra strap or belt, depending on the location. As a result, Cosmetic Benign Lesion and Mole Removal is a solution to these everyday nuisances.
Lastly, another reason many of our patients visit us at SKIN TRUTH Clinics is to remove non-cancerous lesions as it may affect their physical appearance. Some of the other underlying reasons to remove them relate to how they may potentially impact their self-esteem, leading them to be more self-conscious or underconfident with their looks.

How does the procedure work? Our Cosmetic Benign Lesion and Mole Removal service are where we use a plasma pen device, to remove any benign lesions from your skin. No blades, bleeding or even stitches are needed for this procedure. You’ll walk out of our Clinics healthier and with the best cosmetic result.

Plasma is the machine we use to provide this highly innovative treatment used to eliminate skin blemishes and remove abnormal and unwanted tissue. It uses plasma, a special form of a gas that has an electrical energy, to work throughout the skin from the epidermis deep into the dermis. The Plasma causes a process called sublimation which turns a solid into a gas so results are instant with moles, skin tags and warts being removed in minutes.

Chemical peels

By removing cellular build-up and stimulating skin regeneration, our customised peels offer measurable results in the improvement of wrinkles and fine lines, sun damage, pigmentation, pore size, acne and oil production. Medi-aesthetic skin peels are especially beneficial in the treatment of hyperpigmentation, rosacea, general redness, acne, sun damage and ageing.

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