The ultimate summer skincare guide

The truth is that while summer comes with outdoor fun, gloriously bright days and afternoons cooling off in the pool, we can’t forget about protecting our skin so that we don’t undo any of the hard work you’ve put in throughout the year.

If you follow the skincare tips mentioned throughout this blog, the sun won’t be the only thing glowing this season!
Here are our top tips on creating the ultimate summer skincare routine –

🧴 Continuously apply sunscreen

It goes without saying that finding a high-quality sunscreen is an absolute skincare essential – regardless of the season!
The harsh summer sun rays will penetrate the skin and cause severe ageing, hyperpigmentation and discolouration.

So yes, while reapplying sunscreen throughout the day may seem like a chore, there are several dermatologically approved sunscreens that are easy to wear and filled with a number of skin-loving ingredients.
Make sure to look for sunscreens that offer you the following:

• Broad spectrum protection
• At least SPF 30
• Lip protection

At Skin Truth™ we stock the following:

🍋 Incorporate more vitamin C

Turns out that your daily sunscreen products have a dynamic sidekick, and it is vitamin C! While sunscreen is the ultimate sun damage prevention strategy, SPF works best when it is accompanied by a vitamin C serum. Vitamin C works as a protective barrier that acts hand-in-hand with your sunscreen routine. This naturally brightening ingredient will:

1. Protect your skin from free radicals that cause ageing
2. Create an additional layer of protection against environmental toxins
3. Brighten dark marks and spots

Essentially combining a Vitamin C serum with your daily SPF regimen will help you unlock the ultimate skincare power duo. 

Here are our ultimate faves:

🌟 Get exfoliating

Enjoying longer summer days definitely means that your skin is working overtime to keep you cool. How does it do that? By sweating! So, while we love that our body is actively bringing down our temperature, it’s important to note that sweating truly does a number on your pores. By incorporating a gentle exfoliator into your summer skincare routine, you will unclog your pores and reduce the presence of blemishes.

Remember that when you are exfoliating, the purpose is to remove:

– Debris
– Dead skin
– Sweat
– Excess oils
– Clogged SPF

A common mistake that many people make is over-exfoliating the skin. When you do this, you irritate the skin, which could lead to other skin-related problems – especially if you’re going to be exposing your skin to the sun

We recommend making use of gentle exfoliators approximately twice a week!

💧 Keep (lightly) moisturising

While the air may not be as dry as it was in winter, that is no excuse to ditch the moisturisers this season! Your skin is still susceptible to peeling and drying in summer too.

We highly recommend sampling moisturisers that are water-based as opposed to oil-based. If possible, find one that also incorporates some kind of SPF. 

Just don’t think that because your moisturiser has SPF that you can skip out on sunscreen altogether. 

You still need to apply sunscreen afterwards. We recommend: 

🚰 Stay hydrated

There is a popular saying that goes “water is medicine” and it couldn’t be more true.

Water has immense healing powers for our skin by keeping it hydrated and supple throughout the summer! By consuming your recommended eight glasses of water a day you will be able to heal and protect your skin from the inside out.
The benefits include:

• Reduces puffiness
• Slows ageing
• Increases your skin’s healing process
• Reduces pore size

🌞 Be wary of sun-sensitive ingredients and treatments

One of the many perks of summer is that we finally get to bask in the sunshine! However, you need to be caution when you are outside… Especially when you are using sun sensitive ingredients.
Do not use the following ingredients if you’ll be in the sun:

1. Retinol
2. Citrus oils
3. Benzoyl Peroxide
4. Glycolic Acids

Remember that you should avoid doing a chemical peel before your summer vacation. You will want to avoid the sun as much as possible after a chemical peel as it makes your skin very sensitive to the sun.

✨ Listen to your skin

How in tune are you with your skin? Every single day our skin communicates with us and tells us exactly what we need. Whether that is additional hydration, exfoliation or barrier protection.
Learn to understand what your skin is saying to you. Watch how it reacts to certain products and make note of all the changes in a little notebook that is strictly dedicate to your skincare routines.

When you fully understand the needs of your skin, you will be able to unlock the healthiest, brightest, most rejuvenated skin of your life. All you need to do is ensure that you two are speaking the same language.

🤍 Final words on your summer skincare

Remember that a summer-friendly beauty regimen is a seasonal must. If you follow the tips given throughout this blog, you will not only ensure but maintain happy and healthy skin all season long – like you deserve!

If you need additional support or advice on your skin, feel free to get in contact with our team where you can book a personal skin consultation where we will map out the exact needs of your skin and the skincare essentials that will help your skin GLOW! 

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