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Cellulite – although it is perfectly normal and absolutely everyone has a little somewhere, the dreaded condition causes an uneven skin texture consisting of lumps and dimples on the skin.

Normal fat below your skin is the main culprit of cellulite as it gets pushed up against the layer of connective tissue.

The severity of cellulite differs from person to person and is classified according to three different grades:

  • Mild: An ‘orange peel’ appearance and skin which appears slightly draped or sagging
  • Moderate: A ‘cottage cheese’ appearance and skin appears moderately draped
    Severe: A ‘mattress’ appearance and skin is severely draped.

Women are mostly affected by cellulite due to the way the fat cells and connective tissue are arranged in the body. For women, these are arranged vertically whereas men have a criss-cross arrangement of these layers.

At Skin Truth™ we offer a wide variety of in-clinic and at home treatments and products to improve the appearance of cellulite.

✨ In-Clinic treatments

👉🏾 BTL X-Wave Machine

The latest addition to our treatment range is the BTL X-WAVE machine which harnesses the power of targeted vibration to increase circulation to an area and stimulates the connective tissue to strengthen it.

What does the treatment aim to achieve?

The BTL X-WAVE machine aims to enhance skin texture by eliminating the main factors which cause an uneven skin surface. These include:
Low blood circulation to a particular area
Inhibited collagen production
Poor fluid drainage

How does the X-WAVE treatment work?

To answer your question, no – you will not experience any pain, shocks or laser-therapy type sensations during the treatment process. What you will experience is intense mechanical stimulation to a particular part of the body during the procedure.

The treatment works by introducing oscillating mechanical energy – inducing deep vibrations right through to the connective tissue causing the muscles to reflexively contract rapidly. The released energy of mechanical oscillation initiates physiological processes in the body.

Too much science? Basically what it comes down to is all the generated energy gets converted and used in the process of breaking down fat cells and an increased circulation to the target area carries the broken down fat cells away resulting in a more physically smooth skin texture.

The forced contractions of the target muscles also causes the skin to firm and tighten.

Amount of recommended treatments: 8. 7 Minutes per area treated
Price per 8 sessions of cellulite treatment:

  • Cellulite back thighs & buttocks –R6720.00
  • Cellulite Abdominal –R2800.00
  • Cellulite Buttocks –R3920.00
  • Cellulite Arms-R2800.00
  • Cellulite front thighs –R3920.00
  • Cellulite back thighs-R3920.00
  • Cellulite front& back thighs -R6720.00
  • Cellulite buttocks,front & back thighs -R10080
  • Cellulite buttocks,front & back thighs, Abdominal -R15360.00

👉🏾 Mesotherapy (fat dissolving injections)

Using vitamin, enzyme, hormone and plant extracts, mesotherapy is a technique used to rejuvenate and tighten skin, as well as remove excess fat.

Different mesotherapy ingredients are used for different indications. In this case, ​​we speak of lipodissolve – a minimally invasive procedure aimed at killing those fat cells known as adipocytes.

Not all areas of the body have loose fat that can be reduced easily. Some areas of the body have stubborn fat such as double chin, underarms, love handles, back fat pouch below the blouse, fat pocket above the inner knee area. Through lipodissolve, we completely kill these fat-containing cells.

When there are less fat-containing cells harbouring under the skin, cellulite stands a slim chance of rearing its ugly head!

Amount of recommended treatments: 4-6 sessions which can be combined with the BTL X-WAVE in a single session
Price per treatment for fat pockets: R1400 for 10ml | R2200 for 20ml

👉🏾 Carboxytherapy

Increases blood circulation to a specific area of the skin – in this case we’ll target your cellulite-prone areas!⁠

Low circulation as a cause of cellulite

There are many causes that can increase your chances of having cellulite – including diet, hormones, lack of exercise, dehydration, slow metabolism, or just skin thickness. However, when blood flow decreases to an area due to genetics, age or hormones, less oxygen is transported to the area. When this happens there is less oxygen which means there is less collagen production and fat cells enlarge at the site.

During a Carboxytherapy treatment, Carbon Dioxide is injected directly under the skin, causing the red blood cells to rush to the area. When the blood cells reach the location, they create an increase in circulation. ⁠

Carboxytherapy creates new collagen at the injection site, which thickens the skin and improves its appearance – inhibiting the ability for fat pockets to push through any weakened connective tissue.

When the carbon dioxide gas is injected into fat cells the cells burst and are eliminated from the body – reducing the amount of fat pockets and eliminating cellulite entirely.

Amount of recommended treatments: 8-10 sessions which can be combined with fat injections/BTL x wave
Price: Cellulite R780 | Fat Pockets R480

See how Carboxytherapy is combined with Fat Dissolving injections in the above video.

👉🏾 DMK body sculpting treatment

For the love of science and advanced skincare, the special formulations of this treatment penetrate the skin deeply and promote circulation by creating a heating effect at the treatment site.

The result? A firmed, tightened, smooth, sculpted and toned skin appearance
Amount of recommended treatments: Used to enhance the results of the above mentioned treatments 
Price: From R1100 per area

👉🏾 Microneedling to increase collagen production

When there is a weak and collagen-deficient area of skin, fat is permitted to protrude through this layer of the skin, resulting in the undesired dimpling effect as fat cells are exposed

Microneedling creates controlled, minor injuries using hair-fine needles at the treatment site which promotes collagen production in the skin – toughening the skin and preventing fat pockets from showing through any weakened skin layer.

Microneedling is also referred to as collagen induction therapy and is highly beneficial to combine with all cellulite-reduction treatments to strengthen connective tissue to inhibit fat cells pushing through the skin.

✨ Homecare tips

Of course, all the above treatments should be used in combination with an effective at-home care routine to maximise and maintain results from in-clinic sessions.

👉🏾 Cellulite creams

👉🏾 Supplements

👉🏾 Diet 

Eradicating cellulite from the body is a metabolic process that relies on reactions in the body. Whether you’re trying to eliminate the dissolved fat from your in-clinic treatments or speed up the process of your cellulite-reduction journey, what you eat and paying attention to your water intake will enhance and facilitate your results.

👉🏾 Exercise

As with every fat-reduction treatment, an effective and consistent exercise regime is vital to metabolise and remove excess fat cells and toxins from the body while assisting with firming and tigtening loose skin and shredding fat.

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